Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

Our bodies tell us stories about our lives. If we are open to listening to what our bodies have to tell us, that can be a beginning stage too healing. If we can identify what is creating the imbalances that exist within us then we can start to address those issues specifically. Maybe you were in a car crash years ago and never dealt with that. Maybe you had a major sports injury when you were a kid. Maybe you hurt yourself picking up a box from the ground. Maybe you’ve been working for years behind a desk and your back hurts. Maybe you don’t even know what happened and you’re just in pain. These are some examples of trauma that over time if not treated will manifest themselves in our bodies to become issues we may never have even imagined.  But that’s all ok, none of that makes you any less of a person. It all just makes you, you!  You can always choose to being your process of healing anytime. We work with pain, we feel the pain, and move through the pain.   It’s a process that in itself can be painful sometimes but healing from pain is where growth always comes from. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxing Massage
Swedish Massage
Trigger Point Massage
Tui Na Massage

Sports Massage

Muscle Specific Release

I see it as my duty as your therapist to not only leave you feeling lighter on your feet after each session, but to also leave you with the tools needed for you to continue the healing and growing process on your own. Through consistent bodywork we will unlock so much potential that exist within you.  

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